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BYJU's FutureSchool FAQs: Answering Your Questions on the Popular EdTech Program

Whitehat Jr
WhiteHat Jr may enable a generation to produce rather than consume technology. For example, we teach children the fundamentals of logic, organization, sequence, and algorithmic thinking.

Due to the gap between our children's skills and the contemporary world's expectations, not all schools teach coding early on. WhiteHat Jr. is suitable for ages 6 to 18. They acquire fundamental coding abilities including logic, structure, sequencing, and algorithmic reasoning. Live 1:1 online courses taught by top 1% teachers and subject matter experts at your own home

We've designed online coding courses for kids, teens, and young adults. Visit WhiteHat Jr. for more. Our facilitators create coding courses based on participants' previous expertise. Professionnels from the sector develop and teach our unique activity-based curriculum.

Kids coding classes teach what?
WhiteHat Jr's coding courses teach coding and programming. Learn:

Logic, Sequence, and Order
Web, Animated, and Mobile App
Using computer languages to alter data
Tech-to-tech communication
Learn to code with us!

Join now if you are a parent motivated by technology and curious about its potential! Learn more about WhiteHat Jr's coding education by signing up for a free trial. No previous coding experience required.

BYJU’s FutureSchool aims to connect young people with the rewards of coding and creation. A cutting-edge edtech curriculum, BYJU’s FutureSchool provides interactive coding education covering everything from programming basics to game creation, app development and more.  

The FutureSchool offers children the opportunity not only to discover and learn the power of programming, but also to flex their creative muscle and acquire the technical skills needed to thrive in a tech-driven world. Because so much these days requires at least some level of coding acumen, having basic programming knowledge and skill is essential.

BYJU's FutureSchool strives to immerse young people in STEM and help children unlock their creative potential early in life. By focusing primarily on the fields of science, math and technology, the FutureSchool connects students from all walks of life with a better opportunity at a rewarding career and future.

 BYJU'S FutureSchool: Answering Your Questions

These days, educational apps are everywhere. Therefore, parents have virtually limitless choices for educating their children and ensuring they have the skills needed to realize their full potential.

A coding-centered edtech curriculum, BYJU’S FutureSchool offers children a powerful introduction to programming, math, science, and much more.

 Below, The FutureSchool professionals answer a few common questions on the curriculum, cost and primary objectives.

 What is meant by The FutureSchool?

The term FutureSchool or BFS or two other names for BYJU’S FutureSchool and really refers to the education technology curriculum. This unique but proven education technology offers an innovative way to teach programming fundamentals that can fuel a lifelong passion for learning. Coupled with one-on-one instruction, the BFS’ curriculum is a proven and effective teaching model for children of all ages.

The approach of the FutureSchool is unlike any available on the edtech market. People praise the BYJU'S FutureSchool curriculum for its effectiveness and affordable prices. Most students learn programming fundamentals of coding quickly before branching off into more specialized coding tracks.

Is BYJU's FutureSchool free?

No, this is not a free educational platform. BFS does charge a small fee for every coding education course. Prices depend on student skill level, customer preference, and budget. In return for the course fees, students get ongoing, quality instruction. The talent employed at the FutureSchool is the key to each student’s progress and success.

 What are the fees of BYJU's FutureSchool?

The fees for BFSl depend on individual needs, the length of the courses, and the student's skill level. Whether it's for a few weeks or over a year, parents can expect quality from beginning to end. Consulting a BFS advisor beforehand may be the best way to identify the best curriculum for your needs and budget.

 Parents and children are encouraged to customize their experience on the platform. For example, some parents may sign up to get a sense of their child's interests before determining how to utilize the platform, particularly as the student grows their skill levels.

 Does BYJU's FutureSchool teach Python?

Yes. BFS offers courses that teach the popular coding language Python. Python is an evolved programming language streamlined for today's apps and implementable across multiple platforms. BYJU's FutureSchool is committed to keeping up with today's trends, integrating new strategies, and determining how they can best fit new and long-tenured students on the platform.

 What are BYJU’S FutureSchool jobs?

Most BYJU’S jobs are for programming educators. This organization is committed to finding professionals who can inspire students on a different level and engage them enough to appreciate programming for what it is. Those hired have both the experience and proficiency in meeting the needs of a variety of young people.

 Who is behind BFS?

BFS started out as Whitehat Jr. in 2018. This innovative curriculum is designed to set kids off on a path that can ultimately change the world.

 For future generations, being able to compete in a tech-driven world is a must. Children must have the confidence to solve problems and pivot when problems and situations change.

 BYJU’S FutureSchool gives students the skills to push boundaries, even if they choose a career path that has nothing to do with Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. BYJU’S wants everyone to value their creativity, which is why its instructors teach students to recognize it and build upon it.